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    Hot Water Service | Electric Hot Water Service | Hot Water System Service
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    Hot Water Services

    As your go-to leading hot water system specialist servicing Newcastle and surrounding areas, we’re the team you can count on for truly unrivalled customer service. We offer outstanding turnaround times and quality of work that will far exceed your expectations.

    Specialising in hot water system installation, replacement and repair services, we’re fully qualified and well-equipped to assist with electric, gas and solar hot water systems. As your number one hot water service specialist, we can help you with any of the following issues, and more:

    • Electric hot water repairs
    • Gas hot water repairs
    • Solar hot water repairs
    • Rheem solar & heat pumps
    • Gas oven repair
    • Mixer repair


    Hot Water System Installation

    Whether you’re looking to get a brand new system installed or simply require a repair on your existing unit, The Plumbing Life Saver can assist. With a wealth of experience under our tool belts, we’re specialists in all things related to electric hot water service.

    Hot Water System Repair & Replacement


    When it comes to understanding the functionality and state of your hot water system, some signs that your system is underperforming may be obvious, while others will be much more subtle. If your hot water system just doesn’t appear to be performing normally, or you suspect attention is required, leave it to the experts. At The Plumbing Life Saver, our hot water service specialists deal only with accuracy, precision, and quality.


    The most common signs that your hot water system may be in need of a repair service includes:

    • The hot water isn’t working
    • Rust coloured water
    • Bad odour
    • Water leaking/overflowing
    • Rumbling noises coming from the hot water system


    In instances where your system is beyond repair, our expert team of hot water system specialists also offer hot water system replacement services. Whether you want to replace the exact same unit or look at other quality alternatives, we’ve got a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with only the most efficient and cost-effective hot water systems available on the market.


    As part of our hot water installation and maintenance service, we can assist in supplying and installing a wide range of hot water system models and brands, including:


    Electric Hot Water System Brands

    • Apricus Solar Ready Electric hot water
    • Aquamax Electric hot water
    • Dux Electric hot water
    • Everhot Electric hot water
    • Rheem Electric hot water
    • Rinnai Electric hot water
    • Stiebel Eltron Electric hot water
    • Vulcan Electric hot water


    Gas Hot Water System Brands

    • Aquamax Gas Hot Water
    • Dux Gas Hot Water
    • Everhot Gas Hot Water
    • Rheem Gas Hot Water
    • Rinnai Gas Hot Water
    • Vulcan Gas Hot Water


    Solar Hot Water System Brands

    • Apricus Solar Hot Water
    • Aquamax Solar Hot Water
    • Dux Solar Hot Water
    • Everhot Solar Hot Water
    • Kelvinator Solar Hot Water
    • Quantum Solar Hot Water
    • Rheem Solar Hot Water
    • Rinnai Solar Hot Water
    • Thermann Solar Hot Water
    • Vulcan Solar Hot Water


    Boiling Water Unit Brands

    • Rheem
    • Stiebel Eletron
    • Zip


    What are you waiting for? Don’t postpone calling an electric hot water service specialist to have your hot water system repaired or replaced any longer. For a dedicated and reliable team of hot water system specialists in Newcastle and surrounding areas, there’s no one better suited than The Plumbing Life Saver. Get the ball rolling today by calling us on 0448 669 938 or simply submit an enquiry via our easy-to-use online contact form.

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    Hot Water Services

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