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Apricus Solar Hot Water Systems



Designed for even the toughest Australian conditions, do exactly that. They passively track the sun for more hours of the day to provide greater solar collection. The evacuated tube collectors are highly efficient lightweight and low maintenance. They can withstand hail and frost and the mounting frames are cyclone rated.

Apricus solar hot water systems for homes are available in a range of sizes and gas, LPG natural gas boosted or electric boostingsolutions.   A plumber will recommend the best system for your home.


  • Hot water heater storage – 250L, 315L, 400L
  • Electric or gas booster
  • Evacuated tube solar collectors – 22, 30 or 44 tube configurations
Apricus Basic Electric Setup Diagram
Apricus Collector Gas Tank Booster

Posh Solus MKII Standard Sink Mixer Chrome (4*)

Product Summary

Family time is fun time. And Posh is all about comfortable, practical bathroom products that everyone in the home can enjoy. The Posh Solus MK2 Standard Sink Mixer is easy to use for maximum control and features an extremely robust cartridge made in Italy. Highly durable with clean lines and flat surfaces, it has been cleverly designed to suit any bathroom.


Warranty – Domestic Use 10 Years

posh solus mkii sink mixer
Rheem Hot Water Systems.

Rheem electric hot water systems are the ideal solution to your hot water needs available in a large range of sizes to suit your needs. Providing a new industry standard and leading the way on quality.

Rheem Electric Hot Water System
Trenchless Repair. Sewer and Stormwater pipes

Our advanced reline technology is guaranteed to solve the worst of your drainage issues. At The Plumbing Life Saver we pride ourselves at being at the forefront of innovation and using our trenchless pipe rectification system we provide our customers with a no dig solution.

Contact us today and receive a free drain assessment.

Trenchless pipe lining
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