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Toilet Plumbing | House Toilet Plumbing | Toilet Plumbing Installation
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Toilet Plumbing

From ongoing leaks to unforeseen blockages, the team at The Plumbing Life Saver are qualified and well-equipped to restore your toilet to its optimally functioning days in no time. With a reputation built on unbeatable workmanship and quality end results, we’re your number one choice for 24/7 toilet plumbing services in Nelson Bay.


At The Plumbing Life Saver, we specialise in transparent operations and ensure each and every one of our valued customers receives a quality service that far exceeds their expectations. With a team of fully-licensed plumbers standing proudly behind the company, we guarantee excellence, honesty and hard work in all that we do. We use the latest tools and equipment on the market and innovative techniques to ensure we’re able to promise a job well done.


As one of the most used and necessary objects in the house, there’s no denying the importance of an optimally functioning and well-maintained toilet. However, the unfortunate truth is that where there are multiple moving parts, much like in a toilet cistern, there are always maintenance requirements. When it comes to detecting issues with your toilet, there are a number of clear signs to look out for:

  • Water constantly running into the bowl
  • Toilets not flushing properly, or lacking power when flushing
  • Cisterns not filling fast or high enough
  • Dripping water on the floor around the toilet
  • Signs of leaking water from under the toilet


Whether your toilet is showing any of the above signs or you’re simply interested in maintaining the health of your toilet, we offer a 24/7 toilet plumbing service in Nelson Bay that is specially designed to offer a flexible and convenient solution to your busy lifestyle. For more information on our services or to book an appointment today, please call us today on 0448 669 938 or simply fill out our only enquiry form.


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