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Pipe Repair | Burst Water Pipe Repair | Water Pipe Leak Repair
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Water Pipe Repairs

Poor Water quality and/or pressure?

Your water services may need repairing or replacing.


At The Plumbing Life Saver, we have extensive experience repairing and replacing pipes; our team are careful and precise, ensuring that if we have to break open any walls to access the pipes that we do so in a manner that results in minimal damage to your property. We also take any rubbish and mess off-site with us at the end of every job.


The Plumbing Life Saver offers a comprehensive range of options for replacing your water pipes, and we aim to give our customers multiple options for fixing their water service issues, ensuring each job is completed at the highest standard.


Call The Plumbing Life Saver today to discuss your options for water pipe replacement.


Leak Detection


At The Plumbing Life Saver we use state of the art leak detection kits to ensure finding the source of above and below ground leaks is a quick and easy process, with minimal impact on your property.


Water pipe leaks are some of the most destructive and dangerous plumbing issues. The Plumbing Life Saver offers emergency leak detection, water pipe repairs and other water services to businesses and homeowners in the Port Stephens and Hunter area.


If you suspect a water pipe leak, it’s important to contact a specialist immediately. Our certified plumbers can quickly locate the leak and develop a repair plan to fix the problem.No matter how out of the way your leak is, our plumbers have the tools to help. If it’s in your walls, ceilings or slabs, we can find the right solution for you.


With electronic leak detection, we can locate even small leaks. These can turn into catastrophic problems over time. In fact, water damage can become so severe that entire rooms could require remodeling. 


Protect yourself, your family or your business by getting a water pipe inspection before any major issues develop.


Quick and Efficient Leak Detection in Port Stephens, Nelson Bay and The Hunter Area


Anyone who has ever dealt with plumbing problems like leaks knows how frustrating they can be. The Plumbing Life Saver has the experience and equipment needed to provide top-notch leak detection. Call us today.

The Plumbing Life Saver is always on duty, so get in touch today.

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