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    Apricus Solar Hot Water Systems for Home - Your Local Plumber - The Plumbing Life Saver | Plumbing, Draining & Gasfitting | Nelson Bay NSW
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    Apricus Solar Hot Water Systems for Home – Your Local Plumber

    Apricus Solar Hot Water Systems for Home – Your Local Plumber

    Solar Hot Water Heaters

    Need an emergency hot water heater replacement right now?

    The Plumbing Life Saver helps locals with there hot water needs so the decision to change your Hot Water System can be a decision that has to be made rather quickly.

    Don’t make a uniformed decision prior to knowing the benefits of solar hot water.

    If you need a new heater immediately and not ready to switch to a complete solar hot water system just yet, choose a solar ready hot water heater today from Apricus. You can upgrade to solar when you’re ready.

    The Apricus Solar Ready Heater is a glass-lined electric, bottom element tank designed to provide year round, reliable hot water.  The tanks are made from quality vitreous enamel construction and have polyurethane foam insulation. We can recommend the size most suited to your home.

    The solar ready hot water tank has a 10 Year Warranty* and can be used as a standalone electric water heater, ready to convert to a solar system when you decide to upgrade.

    Solar Ready Hot water heater storage options:

    • 250L
    • 315L
    • 400L

    *See our Warranty Policy for full details

    Download the Solar Ready Tank brochure

    Download the Technical Specifications for the Solar Ready Electric Bottom Element Heater


    Home Solar Hot Water Systems

    A) ELECTRIC evacuated tube solar hot water system

    A cost effective, Apricus Evacuated Tube Solar electric boosted hot water systems harness the sun’s energy to heat your water with the highly efficient solar collectors .

    You also have the confidence of an electric storage tank to provide back up if needed.

    You can rest assured you will have reliable hot water, 24/7, and you’ll also reduce your hot water heating bills.


    • Hot water heater storage – 250L, 315L, 400L
    • Electric booster
    • Evacuated tube solar collectors – 22, 30 or 44 tube configurations

    How an electric solar hot water system works

    This image is for indicative purposes only to provide a basic understanding of an electric solar hot water system.

    Download: Sustainable Savings with Solar Hot water brochure

    Technical specifications available here 

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