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    Blocked Stormwater Drains | Blocked Stormwater Drain Cleaning
    Having a Blocked Stormwater Pipe might seem like a small issue, keeping water away from your homes footing and foundations is an important part of your drainage system. Using the newest CCTV drain inspection technology we can record vision of your drains before and after our rectification process utilizing high pressure water blasters to remove foreign debris, root intrusion, sand and dirt build up, leaf litter and the odd kids tennis ball.
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    Blocked Stormwater Drain

    Having a blocked stormwater pipe might seem like a small issue, but it is actually keeping water away from your home’s footing and foundations, thus being an important part of your drainage system. Using the newest CCTV drain inspection technology, our team here at The Plumbing Life Saver can record the vision of your drains before and after our rectification process, utilizing high-pressure water blasters to remove foreign debris, root intrusion, sand and dirt build-up, leaf litter and the odd kids’ tennis ball.


    How To Know Your Stormwater Drain is Blocked

    Blocked stormwater drains are a common consequence of extreme weather events, such as rainfall and winds, as well as other seasonal factors like leaf fall. No matter how careful you may be, a drain can get blocked by foreign objects – leaves, stones, sticks, and other debris, especially if they are not regularly cleaned.

    In most cases, you may notice some of the following signs that shouldn’t be ignored:

    • Water gathering on the pavement
    • Water sprouting from downpipes
    • Unusual sounds coming from the drains

    Should you notice any of the symptoms, get in touch with The Plumbing Life Saver right away. The fact is – the sooner you call, the easier it will be to fix the issue. While it is just a blocked pipe at first, a blocked stormwater drain can cause that pipe to burst and cause damage to the surrounding area. Even though just one part is the issue, it can prevent the entire system from functioning properly.

    Always treat clearing blocked stormwater drains as emergencies – and know that you can turn to The Plumbing Life Saver team at any time of the day because we have a professional on-call, ready to arrive at your location.


    Why Choose Us

    Our team is equipped with adequate tools to locate the object that caused the problem and remove it as efficiently as possible. We provide stormwater drain cleaning services to anyone who contacts us in Newcastle and beyond! We have been working in the area for so many years that each one of our specialists knows these pipes like the back of their hands. They are familiar with the most common problems and have the tools, knowledge and skills to fix them.

    If it turns out that a blocked stormwater drain has caused your pipe to burst, we will complete the necessary repair. Count on The Plumbing Life Saver to use on the best, first-class materials and replacement parts because it is the only way to guarantee the quality and durability of the solution we install.

    Let The Plumbing Life Saver be your one-stop-shop for blocked stormwater drains. Call today to explain the issue and hear how we can help you solve it. We are more than happy to provide a Storm Drain Assessment and provide you, in advance, with an estimate of the cost of our services. We strive to be honest and upfront so to find out more – call or fill out our online enquiry and someone will get back to you ASAP.

    Your one stop shop for Drainage Issues. Call today for a Storm Drain Assessment.

    The Plumbing Life Saver is always on duty, so get in touch today.

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